Blog Week 2

Well this week I have done a phenomenal amount of reading. It is proving hard to get on the computer and write – but have finally managed everything.

It has been a relief to discover that some of the work I completed in ETL 501 and 504 have proven to be of some use – especially when looking at The Big 6 and information literacy and related issues.

The main thing in summary I have learned from the readings so far is the vital input that education, financing, planning and valuing has on a teacher librarian’s role. The Haycock reading was depressing to read – a library system in decay! Was interesting to read about how the studies he cited back up the student results when a well resourced library meets a teacher librarian meets public funding and public awareness. Herring – old friend from past study was easier to read this time around with prior knowledge, which was great. The standards for school libraries was a bit scary – wonder how many actually match up??? Also role of TL and library missions was interesting. Great definitions of information literacy – definitely refer back to this for assignment time. Hazell – vintage reading and summarised the whole background of librarian evolution. Good for referal – look back to how far we have come. Lundin same sort of stuff only written 10 years before Hazell!

Haven’t started the readings for Topic 2 – aiming to read a slab of the stuff I have printed off each night and then find some time to tackle the online readings when I can get to the computer! Ohh must go and get my text book and actually read the section highlighted in that – funny how the most obvious reference is the one often over looked as one pursues the more intangible PDF variety and online stuff!

So – upshot looking good with the workload so far. Would be in the foetal position in a wardrobe if I had enrolled in more than one subject. Seeing as I have work, toddler, employment issues with significant other, first trimester pregnancy and study am doing bloody well – even if I say so myself!


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I live in Melbourne, Australia, have one lovely husband, one delightful daughter, one bouncy son, lots of pets (2 dogs and 3 cats) and work at a primary school part time. I am currently studying my Masters in Teacher Librarianship through Charles Sturt University.
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