Well, have just spent a while doing the

Well, have just spent a while doing the typical starter task – changing the appearance and themes to make things look pretty. I guess it is like cleaning the bathroom when an assignment is looming – totally pointless but it does make you feel like you at least have some control over things, at least the peripheral detritus anyway.  So I have achieved that.  Am looking around the blog site to see what else it is that I need to know before actually doing something vaguely useful and academic! Dashboard is interesting.  Am planning on finding other blogs to follow and going back to twitter for this too.  I must find out also how one makes a ‘wiki’ and perhaps work my way to publishing one.  I know that at school this is a preferred option with older grades of providing resources online for students.  As a TL this could be immensly useful as a tool.

Onwards and upwards.


About kblaich

I live in Melbourne, Australia, have one lovely husband, one delightful daughter, one bouncy son, lots of pets (2 dogs and 3 cats) and work at a primary school part time. I am currently studying my Masters in Teacher Librarianship through Charles Sturt University.
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