Swinging from rope with large portmanteau attached…

I can see the summit and lordy do I just want to get there but here’s the thing – have the large portmanteau attached and I’m swinging in mid air trying to get ahead with the reading and the understanding and the synthesis and the creation of something intelligent – when really what’s between my earholes at the moment feels something like styrofoam balls in a golden syrup soup.  Light, slightly warm, deviod of any intelligent thought and sticky.

The large case is filled with all the content I must cover between now and the end of the course and  I know I can lighten my load by reading things and discarding them down the mountain of ETL 401 (not very environmentally friendly but this is just a trite metaphor after all) -ho hum.

So reading on Kuhlthau’s ISP and am smitten (too much?) by the idea of information processing as being at its core an emotional exercise – well that’s what I am taking from it so far.  I think she’s on the money here – that anxiety (a la portmantetau) of not having the scope, talent, time and mental agility to solve the problem that you have either stumbled upon or have been given!  It is nice to know that by reading up on all this theory we can directly link it to our studies – we are the lab rats!  

Metacognition is great though isn’t it!  Looking at all this information and how it frames what we are doing and how we are following the ISP!  Becoming aware of how important the exploration and formulation phase is and find myself proding myself into movement out of the “death zone” (Everest…) by knowing that the more I read the better able I will be to formulate a direction, hone the research and generally get better at what I am supposed to be writing!  So even though my instinct is to do damage control and quickly get to the point, there is merit in just plodding through the reading, putting one foot in front of the other, and assessing how things are going and planning where to put the next foot.

What is blurry now will crystalise, the portmanteau will become perhaps a cheeky little sequinned clutch and we will take the summit by storm!  Either that or altitude sickness has set in and I am in a state of delusion!!  No!  Onwards and upwards!


About kblaich

I live in Melbourne, Australia, have one lovely husband, one delightful daughter, one bouncy son, lots of pets (2 dogs and 3 cats) and work at a primary school part time. I am currently studying my Masters in Teacher Librarianship through Charles Sturt University.
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2 Responses to Swinging from rope with large portmanteau attached…

  1. Za-Za Swift says:

    Oh gosh – I have just started looking at blogs to make head or tail of how the heck to go about this! I am new to the course and embarking on ETL 401 and ETL 503. I came across yours and read your latest posts thinking – Oh bollocks. I am truly truly out of my depth here! Thank goodness I happened to click on this link and read your description. It’s a pretty accurate interpretation about how I’m feeling right now… Thanks for that! Maybe there’s hope for me! 🙂

  2. kblaich says:

    Don’t worry – you will be fine! Just take to drink if it doesn’t work out!!! Kidding!

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