ETL 503

It has been fascinating to read the publishing perspective from Shatzkin.  As a teacher we often just focus on learning outcomes, lesson plans and the resources available to us rather than manipulating, choosing and taking the risk on those resources – which of course is the domain of the teacher librarian!


I think there were a few key points:

The owner of the platform is a gatekeeper – so Kindle ‘owns’ the consumer not the publisher and the power play there has reversed.

Parental control is being offered by publishing houses in regard to ebooks – Storia, Ruckus, RRKids etc.

The lack of easy translation of non-immersive books to a digital format


If we combine Shatzkin with the commentary of Doug Johnstone it becomes really interesting.


If there is no easy transition for publishers of non-immersive text and kids are reading predominantly non-fiction text as they gather reading momentum through the school – it must mean that they are accessing the vast majority from websites rather than a specific edited, constructed and deliberately put together text.  Information literacy has never been so critical then!

The emphasis on us as teacher librarians to resource the students with a balanced reading environment – not only from fiction to non-fiction but across all platforms, devices and in all areas makes for a challenging job description!

I have to say though, that I am really interested to see what comes out of these mega merges between Random House and Penguin and how they are going to change our reading world to incorporate non-immersive texts using different devices and how that will tie in with a post-literate society. 

And in regard to the post-literate society – it does blow my mind to think that we could live in a society which feasibly wouldn’t have the need for books, keyboards, writing etc (I need these like oxygen!).  There was once a time when it was all face to face, oral storytelling tradition – imagine their listening skills, interpersonal skills, memory recall and attention to aural detail!

Food for thought.


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I live in Melbourne, Australia, have one lovely husband, one delightful daughter, one bouncy son, lots of pets (2 dogs and 3 cats) and work at a primary school part time. I am currently studying my Masters in Teacher Librarianship through Charles Sturt University.
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