I am a Teacher Librarian at an independent school in Melbourne Australia. If you think of life-cycle stage metaphors then I am probably at the larval stage of the sequence (flattering I know) as I steadily work through my Masters in Teacher Librarianship at Charles Sturt University. I am very much learning on the job but I have a distinct advantage – I work with a pretty spectacular group of people and I love what I do!

At home I have a lovely husband, who is immensly supportive and two superb children who are just the bees knees! I have a passion for reading, storytelling, creating and nurturing. I am truly blessed with a loving family (outlaws not included).

Other things: if you are an insomniac please read my blog. It is just THRILLING – especially the stuff for University. Go on… treat yourself – just make sure you are not operating any heavy machinery or near sharp objects, as reading might cause sudden onset of fatigue. Author bears no responsibility if you poke your eyes out with your up-turned knitting needles or drive off a cliff in your combine harvester.

If you are a sleep school or insomniac clinic – go right ahead, use my blog on your patients. Enjoy. Just let me know the success rate! Bet it’s good!


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